'Saxon' House Restoration

Archita / Arkeden, Transylvania (Ongoing)

The 'Saxon' House is an ongoing restoration of the exterior facade, internal rooms and outbuildings. The village of Archita, Transylvania, founded in the late 1290s, was settled by 'Saxons' who built it into a wealthy agricultural center. In recent decades, the Saxon population emigrated to Germany after 700 years of settlement leaving the village with a population of about 650 Romanians and Romas.

Archita Medical Clinic Restoration

Archita / Arkeden, Transylvania (Ongoing)

There are currently no medical facilities in Archita village, which has a population of some 650 people. Archita is a remote village, 25 kms from the nearest hospital, 10 kms of which are over unmade roads and very few people possess cars. 

The aim of the Archita Clinic is to provide a range of medical services including, first aid emergency care, family medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, ophthalmology, paediatrics, preventive medicine and pharmacy facilities.

Von Sternburg House Restoration

Archita / Arkeden, Transylvania (Complete)

The Maria Nobrega Foundation restored the 'Von Sternburg House' in 2010, which faces the small town center and has been an important start in stimulating new economic activity for the village. The restoration commenced in May 2010, with the first phase completed on August 5th 2010, just in time for a celebratory festival organized by Mayor Tosa of the Vinatori Comune.

Peasant House Restoration

Bran, Transylvania (Complete)

The restoration, relocation and reconstruction of a 100-yr old two-room peasant home in 2008 and 2009. The house style is special to many Romanian villages including simple, elegant lines and shingled roofs. Four bedrooms and individual private bathrooms were created from the original two-rooms and ample attic space; the barn area in the back was turned into storage and utility room. One of the goals of the restoration project was to maintain an architectural style particular to the area and to provide an example of attractive inn-keeping based on traditional styles and culture.

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