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ITKI’s mission is to create an international network to study, promote and protect traditional knowledge.
Harnessing the ITKI innovation and knowledge to improve ecological integrity, social cohesion and economic wellbeing.

The Maria Nobrega Foundation is a Founding Member of the International Traditional Knowledge Institute (ITKI)

and the Traditional Knowledge World Bank (TKWB). 

Sra Elizabeth Nobrega de Araujo Tsakiroglou is the International President of ITKI.

To visit the ITKI website please click here.

To visit the TKWB website please click here.

Founding ITKI

On 11th of May, 2010, the Statutes of the UNESCO International Traditional Knowledge Institute were formally signed by the Founding Members seen in this photo (left to right), Michael Carrington (The Maria Nobrega Foundation), Luciano Bartolini (Mayor of Bagno A Ripoli, Firenze), Pietro Laureano (IPOGEA Italy), Paolo del Bianco (Fondazione del Bianco and Life Beyond Tourism Italy).


Mrs Elizabeth Nobrega de Araujo Tsakiroglou was elected by the Executive Board as the First International President of the Institute. 
Dr Vandana Shiva is the First Honorary President Emeritus of The Institute.

The Institute received the unanimous support of the Municipal Council of Bagno A Ripoli and of Professor Francesco Bandarin, Director General UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Paris in a televised conference on Thursday 13th May 2010 in Firenze, Italy.

What is ITKI?

ITKI is the hub of an international proposal for the inventory, preservation and dissemination of innovative Traditional Knowledge. ITKI’s mission is to study, promote and protect Traditional Knowledge and its innovative use in all areas of human endeavor, particularly where that knowledge may contribute to the creation or preservation of ecological integrity, social cohesion and economic well being. 


The main task of ITKI is to realize the inventory, the study and the innovative use of the Traditional Knowledge, organized in a wiki-like system on the internet through the Traditional Knowledge World Bank (TKWB). ITKI's nonprofit ethical principals encourage free access to all Traditional Knowledge information according to the logic of common rights. ITKI has been established as a global network of independent nonprofit organizations who all support the ITKI mission and strategic objectives. 

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