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"Yesterday's knowledge for tomorrow's people"
Colonel Michael Carrington, Director General and Co-Founder of The Maria Nobrega Foundation

With deepest regret we hereby announce that Colonel Michael Carrington passed away on Wednesday, 18th July 2018, following a brave battle with illness.

The absolute determination he always showed, combined with high spirits and human tactfulness, Michael proved to be successful throughout his life. With his lively, educated mind, his resourcefulness and knowledge of human nature Michael was able to make the seemingly impossible, possible.


Michael was a visionary who was able to convert his ideas into reality through a number of projects that were often considered impossible. Elizabeth Tsakiroglou and Michael worked tirelessly together to bring these ideas to life.


The Maria Nobrega Foundation mourns this gifted, intelligent and compassionate man, who was able to inspire so many with his plans, drive and ambition.


Michael's wide circle of friends will work closely together to continue to oversee his incredible vision, which will remain as a lasting legacy to this great man.

HRIH Andreas Salvator Hapsburg-Lothringen

Patron and Chairman of The Maria Nobrega Foundation

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