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Bran, Transylvania

Peasant House Restoraton Archita
Peasant House Bran

In 2003, the Girbacea Family of Simon/Bran prepared to tear down its 100-yr old two-room peasant home. The house style is special to many Romanian villages including simple, elegant lines and shingled roofs. They accepted an offer to sell it and their son-in-law, Adi Posedaru (a helicopter engineer from Brasov), helped to dismantle it and truck it up to a hill-top site near the Inn on Balaban. In storage for four years, it was reconstructed in 2008 and ready to accept guests in the Spring of 2009.

Four bedrooms and individual private bathrooms were created from the original two-rooms and ample attic space; the barn area in the back was turned into storage and utility room. One of the goals of the restoration project was to maintain an architectural style particular to the area and to provide an example of attractive inn-keeping based on traditional styles and culture. Local craftsmen were employed to hand cut replacement timber and woodwork, and to make and place the shingled roof. The old ceiling beams all carried intricate engraved markings that symbolize the time of year when the house was built and when the owners were married.


The contractor on the project was Biturn, Sft. Gheorghe. The firm has restored more than 100 church structures in Transylvania.

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