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ITKI Austria requests recognition of "Waldviertel pond fishing" as an intangible cultural heritage

© NÖ Teichwirteverband

The Lower Austrian Teichwirteverband is currently working on the submission for the recognition of "Waldviertel pond fishing" as an intangible cultural heritage in the national register at the Austrian UNESCO Commission in order to make this traditional practice and the people behind it more visible. We are firmly convinced that the fishing of the Waldviertel ponds with their technical and cultural importance, not least due to the many well-known fishing festivals, from well-known major events such as the "Waldviertel Abfischfest am Bruneiteich" to local fishing customs in the family and in the circle of friends, this recognition more than deserves.

© Florian Kainz / Archiv Aqua

Together with the International Traditional Knowledge Institute (ITKI), the Lower Austrian Teichwirteverband intends to submit a submission to the Austrian Commission for UNESCO in order to include not only the representatives of the industry concerned themselves, but also the second perspective from the cultural sector. In the application process, we as applicant organizations are required to include as many people as possible who see themselves as part of the community in the process by means of their declaration of consent in order to show the broadest possible basis and consent.

If you belong to the following groups of people, we would be very happy to receive your signed declaration of consent, scanned to or by post to NÖ Teichwirteverband, Wiener Straße 64, 3100 St. Pölten. Please click here to be download the declarations.

If you are

  • Pond host or working in a pond farm

  • Enthusiastic helpers with the pond fishing in the Waldviertel

  • Part of the group of people of a relevant association (club, association)

  • Enthusiastic participant in the Waldviertel fishing festival

  • Generally enthusiastic about the Waldviertel pond fishings

We look forward to your declaration of consent.

© Erhard Hois

Thank you for your help and for sending your declaration of consent.

The Lower Austrian Teichwirtverband and the International Traditional Knowledge Institute

For further information on the declaration of consent please click here.

For information on the 'Gmünd the Austrian City of Ponds' please click here.


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