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'Rapsodiem' - From the Genesis to the Centenary. Film celebrating Romanian culture.

To celebrate one hundred years since the Great Union of Romania, in 2018 the Conductor Daniel Jinga together with the Bucharest Metropolitan Orchestra created this film, Rapsodiem. A tribute to Romanian traditions, culture, folklore and landscapes. The goal of the film is to promote authentic Romanian culture and identity.

The Bucharest Metropolitan Orchestra performed the 'Rapsodia Romana Nr. 1', composed by one of the greatest Romanian Composers George Enescu, seen on the Bucegi Plateau. The filmmaking took two months and was directed by the Stage Director Mr. Alla Dontu, who casted Romanian Actress Catinca Nistor and Actors Rares Jinga and Roberta Mitache.

The film was created with the financial support of the Romanian Ministry of Culture and was supported by the Municipalities Association and the Romanian Cultural Institute.

The Maria Nobrega Foundation would like to say thank you to the Main Conductor of the Bucharest Metropolitan Orchestra Mr. Daniel Jinga for sending us the film to feature on our website.

If this video does not load please click here to view on Youtube.


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