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Colonel Michael Carrington bust unveiled in Archita, Romania

On Saturday 3rd of August, Colonel Michael Carrington’s bust was unveiled in a solemn ceremony by the Mayor of Archita and the President of the Maria Nobrega Foundation and ITKI, Elizabeth Nobrega Tsakiroglou. The National Romanian Anthem was played by a Romanian soldier in his honor. The bust was created by sculptor Vladlen Babcinetchi.

The Mayor of Archita declared Colonel Michael Carrington an Honorary Citizen of Archita.

Through the Maria Nobrega Foundation (MNF) Col. Carrington carried out extensive and generous activities together with his wife Elizabeth through the MN Foundations branches in Brazil, Italy, Libya, the United States and Romania. Col. Carrington was deeply fond of Transylvania, where, with the support of HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH Archduke Andreas Habsburg, he dedicated himself to the restoration of the most beautiful houses and public buildings in the village of Archita, near Sighisoara. His wife Elizabeth emphasized his devotion to this project: “If you have spent time with Michael you will understand why I highlight, out of all these many initiatives, his great love for the glorious restoration, rebuilding and reviving of the Saxon village of Archita in Transylvania, Romania. He was never happier than when he was there.”

Due to his passing there were many projects Col. Carrington was unable to complete including an exclusively cultural channel (Heritage TV), and the reconstruction of the medical clinic in Archita, where the hospitalization, consultation and treatment were to be free of charge through the support of the Maria Nobrega Foundation. All this generous activity may have made him forget a little about the tragedy of losing his son Jeremy in the terrible terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. His words were so profound, so true: “For me, the way Romanian peasants live is a lesson of survival, a beautiful page of economic independence.” 

Col. Carrington was a British Colonel in the King’s Regiment, an infantry regiment of the British Army, part of the King's Division. The King’s Regiment was formed on 1 September 1958 by the amalgamation of the King's Regiment (Liverpool), which had been raised in 1685 and the Manchester Regiment, which traced its history to 1758. In existence for almost 50 years, the regular battalion, 1 KINGS, served in Kenya, Kuwait, British Guiana (Guyana), West Germany, Northern Ireland, the Falkland Islands, Cyprus, and Iraq. The Colonel-in-chief of the King’s Regiment, from 1958–2003 was HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and then from 2003–2006 it was Lt-Gen. HRH The Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB, AK, QSO, ADC.


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