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Art in the Park

The Boat House - Central Park New York, February 26, 2005


Since the death of my son, Jeremy, in the 9/11 disaster, I have spent much of my time and energy trying to make a contribution to improve the lives and opportunities of young people in the UNESCO World Heritage Township of Olinda, in North East Brazil.

Architecturally the township has a magnificent legacy, from the baroque art of its churches to the historic links of the first synagogue of the Americas. In stark contrast, is the poverty of its inhabitants. Drugs and associated gun crime, AIDS, poor educational facilities, unemployment, child prostitution. On average 22 young people, in Olinda and neighbouring Recife, are killed each week, in drug related crime. The price of murder is $50.

On Saturday 26th February 2005, The Maria Nobrega Foundation held a fund raising event in Central Park, New York to raise funds, and particularly to equip and maintain a school for young people. The event was on the last Saturday of the Christo, The Gates in Central Park, art project.

The Foundation would like to thank The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund for its assistance in publicising this event.


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