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Meetings & Events 2010 - 2015

2015 – August / Archita (Italy)

Second Music Festival Special concert held in Archita with international artists and audience.

2014 – 2-4 October / Florence (Italy) UNESCO World Forum on Culture & Cultural Industries UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova met with the Trustees Elizabeth Tsakiroglou and Michael Carrington to discuss the potential for a UNESCO Conference in Romania in 2015.

2013 – 21-23 November / Matera (Italy) UNESCO Landscape of the Caves Conference International event on Protection of Landscapes co-partnered with ITKI, Ipogea and the City of Matera.

2012 – 19-21 September / Florence (Italy) UNESCO Heritage Program 40th Anniversary International Protection of Landscapes meeting introducing the UNESCO International Traditional Knowledge Institute and special screening of “Decoding Dacia,” a new documentary by The Maria Nobrega Foundation Trustee Dan Dimancescu.

2011 – July / Naples (Italy) Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNESCO mtg. attended by The Minister of Culture of the National Transitional Council of Libya.

2010 – August / Archita/Arkeden (Romania) Festival celebrating restoration & regeneration work funded by the Asociatia Maria Nobrega.

2010 – May / Florence (Italy) The International Traditional Knowledge Institute was formally established with a vote of the Bagno A Rapoli Council.


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