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HRH The Prince of Wales visits Archita

HRH The Prince of Wales visited The Maria Nobrega Foundation in Archita, Transylvania on 16th May 2011, and was met by Elizabeth Tsakiroglou, President of The Maria Nobrega Foundation and Michael Carrington, Director General. His Royal Highness was introduced to Trustees of The Associatia Maria Nobrega Romania, Katherine and Dan Dimancescu and Professor Pietro Laureano, Director General of The Traditional Knowledge World Bank.

His Royal Highness and guests took luncheon on the terrace of Casa Nobrega, a village house restored by the Foundation and its acting HQ in Transylvania. His Royal Highness subsequently toured the Von Sternberg House, which was undergoing restoration by the Asociatia Maria Nobrega to become the Romanian centre of The UNESCO Traditional Knowledge World Bank.

HRH was presented with copies of the Water Atlas authored by Dr. Pietro Laureano; Katherine Dimancescu presented the Five Volume Ethnographic Atlas of Romania edited by Prof. Ion Ghinoiu; and local crafts by Col. Michael Carrington. At The Von Sternberg House, HRH was introduced to Mayor Tosa and to local organic products by Ms. Carmen Rat.


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