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Gmünd, Lower Austria selected by ITKI as the 'Austrian City of Ponds'

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

The International Traditional Knowledge Institute (ITKI) is proud to announce that ITKI Austria is formed and active.

The International President of The Maria Nobrega Foundation and ITKI, Mrs. Elizabeth Nobrega Tsakiroglou, together with the International Chairman of The Maria Nobrega Foundation and the Founder of ITKI Austria, Andreas Salvator Habsburg Lothringen launched 'Gmünd the Austrian City of Ponds' project.     

The history of Gmünd has a certain importance linked to the evolution of 'the power'.

First, the representation of the owner of the land/country was secured by a castle. Mostly families of nobility. Later in situ tax sources were activated. Everywhere were rivers affluents had low water crossing. So 'the power' built bridges and financed cities with walls to create fortified cities. In such a protected space craftsmen could store their goods and trade could flourish. As populations grew food supply was necessary. The high lands were little productive because a very thin soil layer on clay substrate was suitable for holding water. Pond builders were brought in. The vegetation was burned in flat orographic depression. Man-made cultural landscape was introduced. We can look on a 700 year history of pond construction and carp cultivation. A pond represents a reflection of run offs and a magnificent symbiosis between nature and man. This knowledge is preserved until now and ITKI Austria would like to distinguish the knowledge barer and net fishers with a distinction.

It is the knowledge of man, the wooden bottom closure, the estate of the water and its temperature, the daylight, the quiet reaction of the interaction of element exchange of chemistry facilitating the production of the natural food chain on land, in water and climate.

Water once liquid again it shrinks in volume into solid but from this temperature on, it expands again and fish can survive at the temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. Gmünd has a lot of genuine solution by gravity to the unique situation on watersheds.

For further updates please see the 'Austrian City of Ponds' project page.


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