Archita / Arkeden - Transylvania

The village of Archita, Transylvania, founded in the late 1290s, was settled by 'Saxons' who built it into a wealthy agricultural center. In recent decades, the Saxon population emigrated to Germany after 700 years of settlement leaving the village with a population of about 600 residents, 1/2 Roma (gypsy) and 1/2 Romanian. The village centers on its double-walled fortified church built to withstand invasions by marauders, Turks and other invaders.

The Associatia Maria Nobrega has leased the 'von Sternburg House' (pink house below) from the Lutheran Diocese. Facing the small town center, the goal is to restore it and to stimulate new economic activity to the village. More images of Archita


The Martin Kelp von Sternburg House is on the left (pink) in 2008.

The Archita/Arkeden fortified church is one of 18 sites slated for restoration under an EU grant awarded to the Lutheran Church (Romania). For more on EU funded restoration work see

Unique 360 degree view of another Transylvanian fortified church in the village of Dealul Fromos with photos by Scott Haefner
Facade of fortified church in 2009 and as seen in old print from early 1800s.